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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

By Pastor William Andrews

We know that in Mercy Drive, the change we need depends first and foremost on the people within our community. Mercy Drive Ministries has always worked to provide the resources and programs to spark this change, but now it needed a new brand that could empower our community to be actively involved.

Why the change? As we all know, Orlando is expanding and circumstances have placed the Mercy Drive Corridor in a vulnerable place that will adversely impact the community's future, which impacts the families, spiritually, psychologically, economically, and educationally.

A people without the ability to seek their destiny or develop their community will never realize the potential their community has for future development. That means it is incumbent upon the residents to have a voice in determining what the future of their community will be.

The rebranding of MDM means giving the residents of the Mercy Drive Corridor a voice in the process of developing the community.

Our new brand doesn't just mean a new logo. This renewal is reflected in a number of things, such as a podcast studio that will allow the community to speak on issues and voice their opinions; this will reflect the true concerns and desires of the people of the Mercy Drive Community.

We're also creating digital content on our YouTube channel that will help tell the true stories of Mercy Drive, and give a voice to our people who so often go unheard.

MDM will maintain its beliefs, principles, and values; we are only changing our methods in how we reach our community in our fight against the bondage of entitlement.

Free stuff doesn’t transform lives, but the opportunities that come with change should be open to all during the process of redeveloping our city for the future. We seek to partner with any who are willing to see all boats rise with the tide of change in our community.

To be a part of the positive change happening in Mercy Drive Orlando, visit our new website at

William Andrews is the pastor at Heart of Mercy Church and executive director of Mercy Drive Ministries.

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