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A Space For Everything Community

Starting in January 2023, we launched our Community Resource Center,

a multi-purpose space for ministry, education and community events. This space features:

MDM Orange Gradient.jpg

Multiple seating options

The room can be set as a sanctuary, an open space or a class!

MDM Orange Gradient.jpg
MDM Orange Gradient.jpg

ADA accessible

Area for
food prep
& storage

Our renovation includes outdoor and indoor accessibility for those with physical challenges.

Our renovation includes a large breakroom with a commercial warmer

Welcome to our Community Resource Center!

In the fall of 2022, we undertook a project that we felt was God led. From its inception, we believed that God was calling us to become a resource just as much as a connector of resources. As a ministry, we were already utilizing our space to the maximum. However, we realized that there were others who did not have access to space.

The Community Resource Center is two-fold. It is a multi-purpose space for other organizations to provide ministry, education and community resources. It is also a source of sustainability for us to continue to reach the community in tangible ways to families living on Mercy Drive.

Interested in utilizing this space? Contact us to schedule a visit!


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