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A Change of Heart

Changes Everything

We provide programs and resources

that focus on spiritual change.

We call this approach A Change of Heart,

and it starts with these 4 pillars:

Mercy Drive Ministries Non-profit Christian organizatin orlndo florda poverty aid an solutions
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Spiritual Guidance

By teaching our community to find God, they can begin to work towards finding their life's purpose.

For those struggling, finding God is often a difficult task.

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Without a strong education, people are more likely to stay in poverty for good.

But with high-quality youth and adult education programs, we can equip people to better face life's challenges.

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Life Skills

For those on Mercy Drive, finding a stable career can be extremely difficult.

Offering programs that teach important skills, such as resume building and job interviews help increase the chances of finding meaningful employment.

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Providing positive activities sparks inspiration and ambition. Mentorship programs leads to a sense of ownership and responsibility in one's community.

Many kids on Mercy Drive have never been to a museum or even outside their area.

Our Voice

We want change to happen with us, not to us. The Mercy Drive Movement is where we speak up for the marginalized community of Orlando — it's the voice of the people, and it's the narrative that's not being told.

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