A youth group fully committed to knowing God's Word while enhancing cultural knowledge and identity...

YGB, or Young, Gifted, and Black, stemmed from the need to reestablish an important foundation for our middle and high school aged youth. In the Mercy Drive community, culture is a huge part of the way we live our lives. Unfortunately, much of the cultural ideals come from a place of negative stereotypes and self-fulfilled prophecies. Our young boys are bombarded with images of using and selling drugs, being violent, and living without control. Our young girls grow up with a sense of false confidence, learning to use their bodies to gain attention and “love” instead of using their minds to change the world around them. Though there are some positive examples in the community, we have seen far too many examples of the latter. 

Our goal is to counter this flawed culture by 1. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and 2. Teaching our youth the true culture of Blacks history. In this, we know that seeds of truth and hope will be planted in our youth. As always, we believe that lives change as a result of changed hearts. We want our youth to know without a shadow of a doubt that God has created them for a specific purpose and has plans for them to do greater things than be bound by the ways of the world. 

We will also focus on providing practical resources for our youth including tutoring, college prep, and creating opportunities to use their gifts and talents