Formed in 2011 as a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation, we serve as the community outreach arm of the Heart of Mercy Community Church. Our vision is that of a better community as a result of restored hope,  changed hearts, and a new outlook on life. We believe our vision will become a reality as we reach out to those individuals who have become marginalized by society. 

Our Mission

Change takes a lot of work and help, so we know that our efforts must be practical for change to be effective. That's why we provide tangible solutions to issues that we know plague our community. Our programs primarily focus on education for children and adults along with economic development. 

A Vision In Action

  • To achieve the vision that God has placed before us on Mercy Drive, we strive to create a new paradigm that: 

  • Overcomes negative social expectations (cultural bondage)
  • Cultivates a sense of self-worth and cultural pride by helping to free people from the bondage of entitlement
  • Encourages the hunger for change and the knowledge of one's true purpose in life