It started when we took over busing to and from Ivey Lane Elementary School in 2010. We have since grown and are now able to provide our children with after school tutoring and more through the Mercy Drive Achiever's Club. 

“With the support of this program, continuation of its efforts and the involvement in the students’ lives, this will positively impact the students forever. It truly takes a “Heart of Mercy” to show a child how much greatness is really in them and this ministry with its after school program does just that...”
— Mr. B. Long at Ivey Lane Elementary

What Do We Offer Our Achievers? 

  • Busing to and from Ivey Lane Elementary School
  • Personalized tutoring according to academic needs in partnership with Ivey Lane Elementary School
  • Interactive web learning
  • Weekly art project
  • Daily group reading
  • Memory Bible verse learning and study
  • A healthy snack
  • Field trip opportunities  
  • Guest speakers and special activities/events
  • A safe and FUN environment

What Do We Offer Our Parents? 

  • Partnering to improve their child/children's behavior and grades
  • Budgeting Course
  • Parenting Course
  • Placement in Jobs Partnership program  

Want to volunteer with us? Click here OR Give us a call at 407.293.7784